Tuesday, 31 March 2015
Who We Are
consists of hunters, archers, campers, shooters, and outdoor enthusi- asts; people who share their passion with others and aren’t shy about it. Our roots run deep and our knowledge and love of the outdoors is evident in our relation- ships. Outtech may represent a career choice, a job perhaps to the uninformed, but in reality it is a lifestyle and a proud one at that.

OUR SALES DIVISIONS Three in all. The Archery Division representing bows and accessories, the Hunting Division representing the industry leaders in key categories as well as firearms and accessories, and the Outdoor Division repre- senting primarily hunting, camping, and outdoor accessories and apparel. Within each division are additional targeted markets. The divisions stand on their own but each works with the others to inspire leads, ideas, and opportunities for our manufacturers.

OUR REACH is hard to describe in limited space but know this, Outtech answers the call to design and develop new products and assist in manufacturing applica- tions. We provide in-depth marketing assistance including advertising, packaging and more. Outtech trains, promotes, and sells - in short, we bring your ideas to the market place.

OUR PRESENCE is evident by the reception Outtech gets at every important trade show and major promotion around the country and beyond. We are proud to say that the products we represent and the attention grabbing displays that we assemble are always the most noticed and most attended. We are number one in the industry and we intend to keep it that way.

OUR KNOWLEDGE, Outtech emphasizes comprehensive training of our dealers and box stores in the use of the products we represent. We believe, fundamentally, that the knowledge and enthusiasm of the associate behind the counter is the key to making our manufacturers products successful.

OUR BUSINESS STRATEGY is simple and effective. We are strategic partners with our manufacturers. Your goals are our goals, aligned and defined. We develop marketing and sales goals with you and we track them with you. We evaluate and change goals as needed – with you, not for you. And we work with you to build a competitive edge and the impressive presentations to retailers that will put your products in front of buyers.

OUR DEALERS, Outtech believes product demand is created at the dealer level, making the dealer fundamentally important to the future and success of our com- pany. Outtech has devoted considerable time and resources to establishing working relationships with all channels of product distribution in order to provide the best benefit and financial success to each customer.

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